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COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of digital technology. As the response to the pandemic has shown, to deploy digital technologies in contain measures is critical and effective. With technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics, robotics, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G, the government is able to prevent the spread of diseases. However, governments often lack the financial and human resource capabilities to use state of the art technology to develop digital equipment quickly and efficiently that can support contain measures during the pandemic. Therefore, building partnerships with private technology companies or academics can represent an effective way for public authorities to make use of existing technologies to meet their needs and mitigate the impact of the crisis. This workshop aims to provide economies with a platform to share and discuss the best practices or models of collaboration between public authorities, industry, and academia in developing digital health system or apps in response to pandemic, especially how the public authority deals with the regulations or principles of data privacy while cooperating with private sectors or academics. The workshop will be held in Taipei on Sep.12-13, 2023.

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